The Team

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Carol-Ann Lincoln
Carol-Ann joined the ranks of Charles Mendelow and Associates in 2014, having completed her Masters degree in Family Law at the University of Pretoria in 2013. Carol-Ann completed her thesis and has vast knowledge in the field of Customary Law. Carol-Ann is an advocate of children’s rights and believes in settling matters in a fair, just and amicable fashion. Carol-Ann currently assists in the administration of the practice, as well as miscellaneous court work.
Charles Mendelow
Charles was admitted as an attorney in 1980 and has been specialising in family law for the last 25 years. He underwent his first training as a mediator in 1991 and since then has attended numerous courses and has conducted countless mediations in every area of family law. Charles is a passionate advocate of mediation and had the privilege of lecturing 20 judges of the Johannesburg High Court on the topic of family mediation and how mediation can be incorporated into the legal system and applied in the context of the Uniform Rules of the High Court. Charles is a former vice chairman of the South African Association of Family Mediators and currently heads up the Conference Committee of such organisation. Charles is one of a team of 6 attorneys that travel all over South Africa on behalf of Lead, the educational alum of the South African Law Society, in order to conduct 5 day training courses for attorneys in divorce mediation. Charles has directly participated in training up to no less...
Eitan Mencer
Eitan commenced his articles whilst studying through UNISA in 2013 and has a passion for Family Law. Eitan is reliable, hardworking and able to efficiently get the job done. Eitan’s hobbies range from sport to music. In addition, Eitan is involved in numerous community and youth organisations and programmes. Eitan’s drive and ability to get the job done at all costs, makes him an asset to the firm.
Hinda Mendelow
Hinda started out as an Early Childhood Educator and thereafter obtained her LLB Degree. Hinda has effectively combined her skills by specialising in Family Law. Hinda has recently completed her articles and is soon to be admitted as an attorney. She is a multi-talented, focused and down-to-earth attorney. Hinda has completed a SAAM accredited Mediation course and is a strong, astute, and effective negotiator. Hinda has experience in all aspects of Family Law including divorce litigation, children’s cases, domestic violence and deceased estates. In addition to her work, Hinda has a wide range of interests. When she is not swimming the Midmar Mile, she can be found volunteering for and chairing non-profit organisations.
Jena Borrajeiro
Jena joined the Charles Mendelow team in 2011, after having completed her BA degree in philosophy and LLB degree at the University of the Witwatersrand. Jena completed her articles with Charles Mendelow and Associates and was admitted as an attorney in May 2013. Jena also qualified as a family law mediator in 2013. Jena has proven an asset to the Charles Mendelow and Associates team. Jena is the most organised, trust-worthy manager of litigation with adequate handling of processes with promptness, efficiency and care. In her spare time Jena volunteers as a family law mediator. Jena is most passionate about mediation and believes it is one of the most effective and beneficial ways to resolve legal disputes.
Yossi Shishler
Yossi is a director at Charles Mendelow and Associates. Yossi commenced his articles with Mendelow in 2004, whilst simultaneously studying his LLB degree though UNISA, in a bid to gain valuable practical knowledge and experience. Yossi completed his LLB degree in 2008 and was admitted as an attorney in 2009 with rights of appearance in the High Court. Yossi is a trained and accredited mediator, having completed his mediation training at the Family Life centre Johannesburg in 2010, and having mediated many family law disputes. Yossi is a multi-talented, life experienced attorney with wide interests. Yossi volunteers as a police reservist for the South African Police Service, as well as a paramedic for a community-run ambulance service. Yossi further heads up our successful and streamlined eviction practice. Yossi's dedication, skills, dynamic approach, negotiation and lateral thinking adds great value to clients and plays a major role in the firm's outstanding...