Charles Mendelow & Associates is a family dispute resolution law firm headed up by Charles Mendelow, one of South Africa’s leading family mediators and divorce and custody law experts, which was founded in 1987. We have built up a reputation for providing just, sensible, effective and fair solutions to all types of family law disputes including high conflict disputes relevant to children and finances.

Charles, in 1998, lectured the entire bench of Judges of the Johannesburg High Court on the topic of divorce mediation and is currently a member of the team of 6 attorneys that travel all over South Africa on behalf of Lead, the educational alum of the South African Law Society, in order to conduct 5 day training courses for attorneys in divorce mediation and commercial mediation. Charles has directly participated in training up to no less than 80 attorneys as mediators. Charles is also an internationally accredited commercial mediator.

Every member of the professional staff is in his/her own right a fully trained mediator capable of providing a mediation service appropriate to the client’s requirements and financial means.


We work in a muti-disciplinary context with selected social workers, psychologists, mediators, collaborative divorce practitioners, financial experts and actuaries.

We adopt an individualised approach to handling cases and in the high conflict cases where human solutions are not possible, we have an effective and speedy litigation department.


We do not have to re-invent the wheel for each case. We have well tried budget sheets, accrual calculation templates, financial templates and settlement agreement templates which enable our staff to assist clients to effectively gather all the information necessary to be presented in concise clear forms and thereby ensure speedy and effective settlements.


Our senior partner, Charles Mendelow, has had thirty seven years of experience in family law specialisation. We hold weekly professional meetings in which we discuss each case and oversee quality of service delivery, promptness and settlement possibilities.

We ensure that our prices are competitive by our effective teamwork system at costs appropriate to the client's budget and at a level suitable to each client.


Our extensive experience enables us, with as great accuracy as is possible, to estimate at an early stage, what costs our clients need to budget on how to achieve the result we anticipate for clients.

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