The Team

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Charles was admitted as an attorney in 1980 and has been specialising in family law for the last 25 years. He underwent his first training as a mediator in 1991 and since then has attended numerous courses and has conducted countless mediations in every area of family law. Charles is a passionate advocate of mediation and had the privilege of lecturing 20 judges of the Johannesburg High Court on the topic of family mediation and how mediation can be incorporated into the legal system and applied in the context of the Uniform Rules of the High Court.

Charles is a former vice chairman of the South African Association of Family Mediators and currently heads up the Conference Committee of such organisation. Charles is one of a team of 6 attorneys that travel all over South Africa on behalf of Lead, the educational alum of the South African Law Society, in order to conduct 5 day training courses for attorneys in divorce mediation. Charles has directly participated in training up to no less than 80 attorneys as family mediators.

Charles has pioneered the case law relating to children's rights to legal representation and the landmark judgement which defines the roles and duties of legal representatives for children. The new Children Act affords children the right to legal representation in appropriate cases.

Recently Charles received his DISAC accreditation as a commercial mediator as well as the international CEDR accreditation.